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Hey, my name is Wil. I’m the founder of A Very Good Website Inc.! Right now, I'm also the developer in charge of creating your website. My main passion is business, but I nonetheless absolutely love to code and learn new ways I can use coding to innovate and design.

I primarily develop using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python & Flask, and MySQL but I can also code in JavaScript, C++, C#, R, SCSS and using Bootstrap. For the most part, I’ve mainly taken on web-based projects, ranging from small-scale static websites to far more advanced database-driven dynamic websites. In everything I do, I strive for the highest level of achievement so rest assured that regardless of the scale, size, or complexity of your project, I aim for efficiently coded websites and excellent quality designs.

Contact Me:
(514) 770-3526

Why I founded A Very Good Website Inc.
I founded A Very Good Website Inc. because I have always believed that the Internet is crowded with websites that lack quality of code, design, and speed due primarily to the high nature of pre-built sites. Being unique and having value is far greater than being a follower and fading into the background. Thus, with this mindset, I founded a website, graphic, and SEO firm that prioritizes quality of design and development above all else.

Education & Experience
  • I have 10 years of experience coding and creating websites
  • I am primarily self-taught in HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP
  • I have formal education in high-level programming from my secondary/post-secondary education
  • I have a Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • I am working toward achieving a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University
    • My major is in Business Technology Management
    • My minor is in Entrepreneurship

A Little About Me
Wil Costigan
Anaheim, California - 2017
I am of Irish and French descent but was born and have lived in Canada my entire life. I lived in Oakville, Ontario for 20 years with my family and moved to Montréal, Québec in 2017 for university. I have been a member of the Montréal Youth Chamber of Commerce and am currently a member of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

In my spare time, I either take courses from my university and LinkedIn Learning, golf, or attend different business, political, or sporting events.
Feel free to connect with me using my social media above. Otherwise, we would be glad to help you in any way regarding your website, graphic, or SEO project needs.
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