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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Infographic
SEO Infographic
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"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most valuable asset to invest in..."

It involves plenty of research, careful planning, and a well-thought-out strategic attack plan. For your website to stand a chance at ranking among the top, SEO is an absolute necessity.

For one thing, it tells Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines what your website is about, what’s important about your site, and how to navigate through it. On the other hand, it competes with other websites to get to the coveted first page or first position on these search engines. Before developing a strategic plan, our team conducts an audit of your website, to see where issues may be present, any aspects that can be improved, or anything that needs to be added. It is then that we devise a plan that reaches the audience in your market, positions your website at the top, and improves the rate in which you receive leads.

Local SEO. As the number of websites on the Internet increase, it becomes more and more challenging to reach a global audience, therefore local SEO has become the new normal. Our team sets up your company on local business directories, such as Google Business and we create a schema that emphasizes your primary markets.

You found us, that’s because of our SEO efforts. Our firm is relatively new, imagine how we could help your firm that’s been in business much longer. If you’re a new business, we’ll get you where you need to be as quickly as possible, so you can get your business’s online presence off the ground.
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You may be wondering how do I measure success? There are numerous ways in which success can be measured. The most obvious would be if you notice an increase in sales or new incoming clients. In terms of actual numerical data, we set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The former measures how many people visit your site, what they do, and where they’re from, amongst other key metrics. The latter measures your website performance on Google. This means that it assesses how times your site appears on Google Search compared to how many people visit your site organically from Google Search. Our firm sets up and configures both of these valuable tools to help you measure the success of your SEO strategic plan.
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  • Features
  • A Good SEO Plan
  • A Very Good SEO Plan
  • Estimated Cost
  • $650
  • $1,250
  • SEO Strategy
  • Keywords
  • 1 - 3
  • 4 - 5
  • Schema Markup
    Enhanced website content descriptions that provide search engines information on your website, the business behind it, the people involved, and more.
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • XML Sitemap
    A file that lists available URLs on your website for search engine crawling. Crucial to SEO!
  • Google Business Setup
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic Setup
  • Basic Setup + Custom Event Tracking
  • Google Search Console Setup
    Google Search Console is used to track website metrics such as, total clicks, total impressions, CTR, and page position. It also can be used to optimize visibility of your website on search engines.
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Unique Page Description
  • Website Optimization Audit
  • For Your Business
  • Content Editing
    Website content is often lacking in terms of keywords, and those with keywords are often flagged for being unnatural. We alter, edit, and update content to ensure it's natural and keyword rich.
  • Industry / Competitor Research
  • 1-on-1 Business Meeting
    To effectively understand how to position your business on the Internet, we need to sit down with you to learn about your business 1-on-1.
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