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Sweet and Savoury Grazing Co.
Sweet and Savoury Grazing Co. provides elevated dining experiences to Thunder Bay & surrounding areas through an artfully crafted collection of exquisite charcuterie boxes, boards & grazing tables, and workshops.
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Christine M. Langevin | CPA
Christine M. Langevin | Chartered Professional Accountant is a certified accountant operating in the town of Oakville for over 20 years. She provides services in taxation, accounting, and consulting.
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Kevin Flynn Mental Health Foundation
The Kevin Flynn Mental Health Foundation is a mental health research foundation based out of Oakville. The foundation is head by the former Oakville MPP, Kevin Flynn.
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The Resume App
The Resume App is a resume and cover letter builder web application. It allows users to sign up for a free or premium account, create resumes, cover letters, and use a job application manager.
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PurChem Systems, Inc.
PurChem Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and provider of patent-protected innovative chemicals for wood flooring, based in Canada, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and France.
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Una Ardilla en la Red
Una Ardilla en la Red is an entirely Spanish blog-based website. The owner and blog author is based out of Montreal, Quebec.
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Cadi's Kitchen
Cadi's Kitchen is a blog and recipe website that posts cooking and baking informational blogs, tips and tricks and delicious recipes every month. She is based out of Oakville.
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