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Kevin Flynn Mental Health Foundation
Ongoing development and maintenance for the client's mental health foundation website
Oakville, ON
Professional & Clinical
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Kevin Flynn Mental Health Foundation Website on a Desktop
Prominent & bright donation button
One primary goal of the foundation, like any foundation, is to collect donations. These donations allow the foundation to move forward with research and to support other charitable causes. We wanted to ensure finding the donation button was simple for all users. The button's primary location is in the header navigation, in a prominent bright pink. The donation button is further integrated into the standard page flow of the home, about, and event pages for those that need more information before making a donation.
Video backgrounds
Every page has a video background as the hero (the first image on a website). This video hero brings the page to life. It's also more likely to cause visitors to watch it, thus improving the effectiveness of call-to-actions positioned over the hero.
Kevin Flynn Mental Health Foundation Website on Mobile
Fully responsive website
Their website is fully responsive on all sized devices starting with the smallest mobile device on the market to a screen as large as a television. The website's design collapses into a vertical, stacked format on mobile phones. The mobile navigation is designed to slide in from the right and covers the entire page. A fixed right slider allows for single-hand use of the device while navigating the client's website.
Clinical, light and open design
The website design is intended to be a clinical, light, and open concept. The colours are all faint variations of white and blue, while the crucial buttons and links are bright greens and pinks. There is significant 'white space' between all the page elements to signify clarity, cleanliness, and professionality. These are all emblematic of a mental health foundation.
Heavily text-based about page
The about page on the website is heavily text-based. This has the dual effect of providing an in-depth view of the people behind the foundation and what the foundation stands for while also encouraging donations from site visitors. There is also the SEO side benefit from a page with significant wording.
"I was very impressed by the quality, attention to detail, creativity and rapid delivery. I felt AVGW excelled in designing exactly what I'd envisioned for our foundation." - Kevin Flynn
See Live Project
KFMHF Events Page: A Virtual Night of Comedy and Cocktails
Dedicated full-page event listing
All of the KFMHF events have a dedicated full-page event listing. Each listing contains a row of quick data (price, date, time, location) at the hero section of the page. A clear call-to-action is positioned below the quick data, with an express link to the ticket registration. There is an event description, prominent sponsorship area, and embedded ticket sales.
Prominent sponsorship section
The prominent sponsorship section consists of a clear and open design in white to emphasize the varying colours of different sponsorship logos. Each sponsor's website is linked to the logo, and their company name is written in a standout colour below. It's positioned right above ticket sales and between the hero and the bottom, which ensures it must be scrolled past.
Embedded Eventbrite ticket sales
An Eventbrite ticket registration frame is available for users at the bottom section of the event page. Integrating ticket sales onto the page, as opposed to sending the user to a separate page, improves the overall user experience since a different UI and functionality can discourage potential buyers. At no point does the user ever have to leave the foundation's website.
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