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Website Maintenance

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"Monthly website maintenance is a necessity..." Large scale website maintenance is often needed to keep your website’s design on-top of the constantly changing design and user-experience trends. Monthly website maintenance is a necessity that can benefit your business in terms of getting ahead of the trends, as well as pre-emptively detect any possible errors to resolve them without affecting the experience for your users.

Monitoring your website involves first auditing your website to check for any errors in the code or in the design that are affecting the functionality of the website. After which, analyzing the SEO components to ensure they are working as expected, and then resolving the issues. For instance, an issue we check is that keywords or a set of keywords are ranking as well as they were initially expected to.

Website maintenance includes any content, image, or website design / structural changes that are needed. We take pride in our ability to create stunning website layouts and designs; this doesn’t stop at the creation of websites; maintenance is just as important to us.
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Updating your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy on a monthly or periodic basis is a very effective technique to position and maintain the position of your website in all major search engines. Analyzing the effectiveness of each keyword and keyword set, as well as schema, page-speed and other contributing factors is paramount to ensuring your website is always at peak performance. Read more about our SEO services if you do not yet have an SEO strategy.
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  • Features
  • Content Plan
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Cost
  • $199/monthly
  • $449/monthly
  • Websites
  • Content Updates
  • Minor Design Updates
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Security/Site Audit
  • SEO Growth Monitoring
  • For Your Business
  • Monthly Hours
  • 3 hours
  • 6 hours
  • Priority Support
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